This photoshoot, held at the end of September, was one of the most difficult of the year. Not because of the couple, for sure. Nicoleta & Catalin, a newly wed couple from Romenia, hired me to take them on yet another of my adventures in Madeira Island, in Portugal, and they were certainly one of the friendliest couples I’ve had the pleasure of photographing in the past year.

The problem was the weather, which in Madeira Island is truly magical, but also unpredictable due to the clouds. We even started with a warm and sunny climate in the southwest of the island, which allowed us to take some sunny pictures at the waterfall over the road at Ponta do Sol, but then we continued to Paul da Serra, the great plateau west of the island , at an altitude of 1400m. Our purpose was to visit Fanal and its enchanted trees, which was the main objective of the session but unfortunately, everything changed drastically in terms of climate and we went from 28º celsius in Ponta do Sol to 12ºC in Fanal. All we found was fog and fog and cold, very cold. Everything below 18º Celsius is already cold for me and it was 12ºC 🙂 !!!

However, despite the wind, the cold and the fog, they were super cooperative, which allowed me to get the best of them in front of the cameras. Fortunately we descend to the final destination of our adventure, on the most beautiful beach of Madeira Island, in Seixal.

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