After having photographed a wedding with a Philippine bride early last year, after doing an engagement photoshoot with a couple of Taiwanase origins and after shooting a Polineasean couple from Hawai, Yan and Justin were not my first couple from the Far East, but they were my first clients from Singapore.

Justin contacted me in total secrecy, back in September to photograph his wedding proposal, which would happen in November, with the amazing backdrop scenaries of Madeira Island.

The idea would be for him to do the proposal in Areeiro Peak, the highest you can go with a car, an amazing place that usually sits above a mantel of clouds. However, during the tour/photoshoot I did with him and his girlfriend I checked the webcam in Areeiro and the peak was covered in clouds. We tried anyway, but there was little chance to do the unforgetable proposal Justin had in mind.

So I took them to a little levada I know in Ribeiro Frio, which is actually very beautiful and where I knew no one would be around to bother them during the proposal moment. While there, I discritely hinted Justin that it would be his best chance and I stepped away to the other side of the stream.

And then it happened. He got on his knees and proposed, in the middle of nowhere, in a little island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, more than 12.000 km away from home.

By the way, she said YES!!!

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