Hi 🙂

My name is Miguel Ponte and I was born in 1979, in Madeira Island, Portugal, a little portuguese island that lies 500 km (310 miles) off the coast of Africa, knowned by the alias pearl of the Atlantic, but also the island of eternal spring or even the garden island of the Atlantic. I am also the proud father of a little girl that showed me that love doesn’t exist only in lenses . I have always considered myself as a family oriented guy with a taste for travel, a good talk, good food, good wine, coffee and general knowledge.

I majored in psychology and human resources management, but my true passion is in fact photography and capturing those little moments that reveal real emotions, with no scripts or any forced poses, accompanying the unfolding of events in the most genuine way possible.

My presence at weddings is usually discrete, interacting with the bride and groom and their guests in the softest and warm way so that they don’t feel pressured, feeling free to share their special day with me and give me the enormous honor of capturing their memories.


  • First wedding photographed: 14-09-2014;
  • Number of weddings so far: >100;
  • Number of photoshoots: >120.

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Recent training:

  • Photography course, by Inforstudio & IMart8, 2012
  • Advanced course in landscape photography, by Inforstudio & IMart8, 2013
  • “Can you see the light” black & white photography workshop, by Humberto Almendra, 2013
  • Stop motion and time lapse photography workshop, by Daniel Camacho, 2014
  • Night photography workshop, by Daniel Camacho, 2014
  • Emotional fine art wedding photography workshop, by Nelson Marques, 2015