My name is Miguel Ponte and I was born in 1979, in Madeira Island, in Portugal, which is an amazing blessing, because there is no better place to live.

I have a degree in psychology and human resources management, but my true passion has always been photography. Anyway, it’s amazing how those two facets of my life compliment each other so well. To photograph people, you have to understand them.

I am certainly one of the most awarded wedding photographers of the last few years. Proof of this is the fact that I recently won the Golden Camera for European Photographer of the Year 2021, in the wedding category, an award attributed by a panel of 30 judges from the European Federation of Professional Photographers. Obviously, awards are ephemeral and photography is always hard to quantify, but that kind of external recognition is a proof that I am on the right path and that I am capable of giving my best to those who trust in me with their special moments.