Born in 1979, in Madeira Island, Portugal. Having initially graduated in psychology and human resource management, photography is a form of expression and escape from daily routines that quickly turned into a beloved professional occupation.

The goal in each work is always to capture small moments that reveal real emotions, framed in natural settings, not built purposefully for the photo, letting a little of my sensitivity and aesthetics in each record.

The style used is a mixture of landscape photography, in which I took my first digital steps, with the photojournalist style that I have always practiced since I received my first camera at age 12 and my own personality, discreet, but always humored. All these 3 perspectives are reflected in my documental style.

The result are photographs without forced artificial poses, full of emotion, accompanying the unfolding of events in the most genuine way possible, always with the greatest discretion but interacting with the bride and groom and their guests so that they feel free to share their special day with me and give me the honor of capturing their day.



  • First wedding photographed: 14-09-2014;
  • Number of weddings so far: >100;
  • Number of photoshoots: >120.

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Recent training:

  • Photography course, by Inforstudio & IMart8, 2012
  • Advanced course in landscape photography, by Inforstudio & IMart8, 2013
  • “Can you see the light” black & white photography workshop, by Humberto Almendra, 2013
  • Stop motion and time lapse photography workshop, by Daniel Camacho, 2014
  • Night photography workshop, by Daniel Camacho, 2014
  • Emotional fine art wedding photography workshop, by Nelson Marques, 2015