Born in 1979, in Madeira Island, Portugal. Having initially graduated in psychology and human resource management, photography is a form of expression and escape from daily routines that quickly turned into a beloved professional occupation.

The goal in each work is always to capture small moments that reveal real emotions, framed in natural settings, not built purposefully for the photo, letting a little of my sensitivity and aesthetics in each record.

The style used is therefore a mixture between landscape photography, the area in which I took my first steps with a camera, and photojournalism, which implies following the development of the wedding day in the most genuine way possible, with a minimal intervention from the photographer.



  • First wedding photographed: 14-09-2014;
  • Number of weddings so far: >100;
  • Number of photoshoots: >120.

Awards & Highlights:

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Recent training:

  • Photography course, by Inforstudio & IMart8, 2012
  • Advanced course in landscape photography, by Inforstudio & IMart8, 2013
  • “Can you see the light” black & white photography workshop, by Humberto Almendra, 2013
  • Stop motion and time lapse photography workshop, by Daniel Camacho, 2014
  • Night photography workshop, by Daniel Camacho, 2014
  • Emotional fine art wedding photography workshop, by Nelson Marques, 2015