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«You have never seen Madeira so romantic»

Rianne Vinke, for Voja Travel Blog

My biggest awards…the opinion of my clients:

My husband and I have done a number of vacation photo shoots over the past several years, and I can easily say that Miguel was one of the best photographers we’ve worked with. The experience starts long before the shoot — Miguel is incredibly generous with his time with regard to planning locations, selecting a wardrobe, and any other questions you might have. That generosity continues through the shoot itself — three hours is such a nice window of time. That gives you the chance to drive to many different types of backdrops so that your photos look dramatically different. More importantly, it gives you enough time to get comfortable in front of the camera. The end result is that you look relaxed, like you’re enjoying yourself, in your photos instead of stiff and posed. And you will enjoy yourself! Miguel is very personable and funny; he keeps the conversation going the entire time which really puts you at ease. But the most important thing is that your photos will be absolutely gorgeous. He makes you look on film the way you wish the world saw you all the time! I can hardly believe it's really regular old us in the photos! Our entire gallery looks like his Instagram feed — filled with greatest hits that go on and on and on. Miguel has given us a memento of Madeira that has truly captured who we are in this moment and that we will treasure forever. Anyone traveling to Madeira should book a session with Miguel — we'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
Reportagens de casamento !fotografias de natureza etc
Lidia Faria
Muito profissional. Sabe captar os momentos sem darmos por ele
David Luis
Miguel was a real pleasure to work with. He has an amazing eye for detail and the results are beyond our expectations. We would highly recommend Miguel to anyone looking for a professional photographer!👍
Anita Goliš
O Miguel foi desde das primeiras reuniões super flexível e percebeu logo aquilo que pretendíamos. A qualidade do seu trabalho superou todas as nossas expectativas. Recomendámos o Miguel a casais amigos que já casaram e outros que ainda irão casar, e continuaremos a fazê-lo!Só temos a agradecer ao Miguel por ter sido tão profissional e ao mesmo tempo por nos ter deixado tão à vontade e relaxados durante as sessões fotográficas, e de certa forma ter tornado as nossas fotos, com pessoas tão pouco fotogénicas (😂) em recordações fantásticas para o resto das nossas vidas.Muito obrigado por tudo Miguel.
Davide Gago
Finally, I can add my opinion 😀 It was not just a wedding session, it was also a Madeira tour with a professional guide.:)Miguel told us a lot about the island (after what he says I know that this is his place on Earth <3) he has very much knowledge about Madeira, about history, culture and cuisine.The photo session lasted about 3.5 hours and took place in 3 locations.I had to be patient, I waited for photos for 3 months, but I understand that the interest in the sessions was high, so the photos were a bit delayed, but it WORTH to wait!!!!The pictures are wonderful, I'm happy that I decided to take sessions and Miguel. With a clear conscience I recommend to everyone!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
Monika Wloka
made us feel at ease, we aren't the best at pictures.. just amazing and very talented! couldn't have been more lucky to have Miguel shoot our wedding pictures.
Kez Silva
Miguel is great! He has a way of capturing emotions, real people and their feelings... he is totally unobtrusive, you feel at ease as a result, which makes for great pics! He is totally dedicated to his craft, and we just loved him as a person too. Keep on doing what you do, Miguel! You bring such happiness!🥰🙏🥰 Paula, mother of Jem 🥰
Paula Lefrere
Melhor fotógrafo de casamento possível 📸O Miguel foi absolutamente fantástico desde o primeiro minuto. Muito profissional, acessível e com ótimas sugestões. Foi extremamente divertido no dia do casamento, deixou-nos à vontade, tirou-nos os nervos e fez-nos rir o tempo todo. E não esqueçamos: cliques absolutamente originais, únicos e maravilhosos! Uma máquina fotográfica nas mãos deste senhor é capaz de fazer os melhores milagres. É preciso dom. De um dia tão importante, o que ficam são as memórias e a forma como são capturadas e guardadas. E nós não poderíamos ter escolhido uma melhor forma de capturar estes momentos e de recordar este dia. Carolina & Basílio 27/07/2019Infinitos obrigados por tudo, Miguel!🤝
Basílio Vieira
Miguel was an absolute pleasure to work with. Even though it was a photoshoot, he made the whole experience quite personal and it felt more like getting to know a new friend. Miguel took us on a tour of his hometown and managed to capture some incredible photos. He has an excellent eye for finding natural light and we absolutely loved how easy it was with him. Very few photos were posed, most of them were candid and felt natural. The actual shots took very little time, so we could also enjoy the scenery and take it in. The whole experience for us was very memorable and we felt like we made a new friend. Thank you Miguel for capturing such a special time in our lives in the most spectacular fashion!
Kheya Bee
Excelente profissional, capta o momento certo com originalidade!
Márcia Ornelas
O melhor do Mundo.. 😍 Fotografias com Alma.. 😍
Daniela Btc
I am definitely suggesting Miguel if you are looking for an excellent photographer who knows every secret place on the island and doesn’t miss an opportunity for a great photo to occur. Not only that he is a BIG professional, but also a very kind and pleasant man, which I believe when it comes to a photo shooting is an absolute necessity!😁Thank you Miguel for the amazing experience, without you, Madeira experience wouldn’t be the same👏🏻🙂
Alexandra Werich
Magnifico trabalho.Excelente.
Tina Chicharo
Serviço personalizado ao mais alto nível! Eventos especiais ficam ainda mais especiais com os registos fotográficos singulares!Parabéns Miguel pelo brio e profissionalismo!bem hajam
Rosa Faria
Es el mejor !
Aurora Casas Martín
Um fotógrafo 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ... simpático, bem humorado, por quem se ganha logo uma grande empatia...muito discreto, faz o seu trabalho sem nos darmos conta!! Uma escolha acertada sem dúvida 😉😉recomendamos!!!
Sidonia Pita
It was a real pleasure to work with Miguel. The photos are amazing and we couldn't ask for more from our honeymoon memories. We are us in that photos and this is what makes them so special, beside of course the spectacular landscape of Madeira island. Miguel knows the best spots.Me and my husband Horea, we highly recomamd.Thank you once again Miguel!
Cristina Chiș
The best photographer we have ever worked with!We had a wedding session with him on Madeira. We not only got the best photos we could imagine, we have also discovered some places on the island, that the most people will never see. It was a great time with him.You need a photographer on Madeira? Take Miguel, you will not regret it 🙂
Damian Schen
Dos melhores fotógrafos que temos na ilha, se não o melhor....Dos únicos que publica tantas fotos de um só evento e todas elas perfeitas. Muitos parabéns e obrigada por partilhares o teu maravilhoso trabalho.
Susana Melim
Miguel Ponte perfectly captures emotions and magical moments. The result is mesmerizing pictures! Great work that I highly recomend!!
Rita Caires
Miguel was amazing from beginning to end. He was very professional and at the same time friendly and down to earth. We were blown away of how amazing his photos were and how he captured all the wonderful moments of our special day.We can't thank him enough and we feel really lucky to have found him. If you want the best experience with the best photographer, Miguel is your guy. ���
Mara Dulig Caires
Excelente profissional! Recomendo vivamente.
Miguel Gouveia Pedro
We are very glad that Miguel agreed to be the photographer at our wedding that took place in Madeira in October 2017. He is professional, reliable and the pictures are simply breathtaking. He was able to perfectly catch the beauty of the moments and people who mean a lot to us. At the same time he is a great person to work with and the photo shoot was simply a lot of fun. We highly recommend him and we will surely contact him for any future events. Six stars!
Edyta Ca
Não podíamos ter feito melhor escolha para a reportagem fotográfica do nosso casamento. O Miguel além de profissional e muito divertido, é acima de tudo um artista. As fotos ficaram impressionantes, e mostram a essência de cada momento captado. Com o seu olho atento, o Miguel superou todas as nossas expectativas com o seu trabalho, e a forma descontraida, mas muito profissional como trabalha. Muito obrigado pelo serviço prestado. Cada imagem ficará gravada na nossa memória para recordarmos o dia feliz que vivemos.Um grande abraço e votos das maiores felicidades!
Diogo Spínola
We knew it would be challenging to find the right person to make our wedding memories last foverer. Then, we came across Miguel's work and we loved it! From the beginning Miguel has been a very easy person to engage with and no requests seems to much to ask for! Me and my husband are delighted with the results and will definetly have Miguel as our photographer again.
Carina Figueira
As fotografias eternizam momentos já todos nós sabemos mas como tu fazes é único e tão especial =)não te conhecíamos e o que nos chamou a atenção foi a maneira como captas as expressões, as emoções ... Sem ter de olhar para uma câmara... E no nosso casamento não foi excepção. A empatia que tivemos foi fora de série, sentimos que já te conhecíamos há muito tempo, o que foi óptimo para estarmos tão à vontade, por vezes até demais =)Não poderíamos estar mais satisfeitos. Adoramos e ainda não vimos todas as fotos. Obrigada pelo teu profissionalismo e pelo carinho;) Continuações do óptimo trabalho;) ÉS O MELHOR!!! Top garinee . Beijinho e abraço. Tamara & Juan
Nísia E Juan
Grande profissional, que capta o melhor momentos que pode ter um homem ou mulher que a celebração do seu matrimonio, símbolo do seu amor. Os meus parabéns pelas excelente trabalho realizado 😉
Francisco Correia
Thanks to Miguel we will have beautiful photos of our honeymoon on Madeira! Everything was perfect and Miguel told us so many interesting facts about the island and gave a lot of advises about where to go and which places to visit! Thank you very much Miguel for your kindness and professionalism! That was great to meet you!Rustam and Liliana 😉
Rustam Samatov
Sem dúvida o melhor fotografo na Ilha da Madeira! Muito obrigado por teres feito parte deste dia tão especial para nós. Ficámos super à vontade e descontraídos! Mal podemos esperar por dar uma olhadela às fotos � Vamos concerteza recomendar! 5 estrelasUm Obrigado do fundo do coração. Ivan e Carina
Ivan Miguel
We wondered for a long time, how to sum up cooperation with Miguel, because it's hard to find proper words to describe how wonderful was the session day and how warm and friendly is Miguel. It was our first session as a couple and Miguel made that it wasn't stressful, but very funny and happy experience. In the Miguel company we felt like old friends. 🙂 And the photos are fantastic! Miguel, thank you once again. Also thanks to you, vacation on Madeira will stay in our minds and hearts for a long time. Muito obrigada! :)Regards,Kinga&Michał
Kinga Przypis
Miguel is a very talented photographer, and also a really kind, patient and humble person. We had a wonderful time during our family photoshoot, and the shots turned out breathtaking! He truly has the ability to capture beautiful emotions. Muito obrigada Miguel for the magical, unforgettable experience! 🙂
Alaa Loulou
Adorei! Excelente profissional! Foi um prazer fotografar contigo. Beijinhos
Carina Stübe Herman Sousa
Great experience! We liked a lot that Miguel showed interest in knowing and feeling us as a couple before our wedding day. He demonstrated not only a true dedication to photography, but also empathy and a lot of respect to our wedding ideas. We felt relaxed and confident with him. Miguel seems to be a very creative, easy-going, smart and well-organized photographer, who actually became a friend. My husband and I are very satisfied with Miguel's work and kindly recommend him for any other couple!
Kristina Bartuse
adorei o vosso trabalho as fotos estao muito lindas e um trabalho de arte desejo lhe muitas felicidades e que continue assim tenha um bom dia e tudo de bom
Maria Ascenção Gouveia
Uma óptima qualidade fotográfica conseguida por um excelente fotógrafo. Muita atenção ao pormenor e à escolha do momento ideal para conseguir captar o melhor de nós.Foi uma óptima decisão para o registo do nosso casamento e por isso recomendo vivamente!
Alexandra Rentróia
I would highly recommend Miguel. He is not only a photographer, he is an artist and a great person 🙂
Joanna Chrostowska
Professional photographer with feeling and a great man privately. Many thanks for a photos, nice time with you and the best poncha! 😉 We would certainly recommend Miguel to everyone!
Anna Wilk
5 estrelas pela disponibilidade e simpatia; 6 estrelas pelo trabalho!
Maria Tavares