Destination Wedding Photographer in Portugal

Are you in search of a photographer for your dream destination wedding in Portugal? If you appreciate warm, colorful, fun, and emotional candid photos with an artsy touch, along with the occasional epic shot, you’ve found the perfect match. I photograph weddings throughout the country, including enchanting locations such as Madeira Island, The Algarve, Lisbon, Sintra, Aveiro, Braga, and more. I’m always eager for the next destination. Ready to embark on a visual journey together?

Michelle & Christopher’s british wedding at the Belmond Reids Hotel in Madeira Island, Portugal

“The picturesque landscape of Madeira Island, amidst the azure expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, was the place to begin the next chapter of Michelle and Christopher’s lives as a married couple. Hailing from the UK, they chose Belmond Reid’s Palace, one of the oldest hotels in the world, filled with […]

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Indian bride from the US getting ready at the Savoy Palace in Madeira Island Portugal

Nikki & Stephen’s american hindu wedding at the Savoy Palace in Madeira Island, Portugal

Nikki & Stephen, came from the New Jersey in the United States to have a beautiful 3-day destination Indian wedding at the luxurious Savoy Palace in Madeira Island, Portugal, from the welcoming party, to the Mendy, The Haldy, The Sangeet and the Wedding. The wedding was full of vibrant colors […]

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Katherine & Kevin’s chinese american wedding at Forte da Cruz in Estoril, Portugal

Couldn’t help sharing this amazing wedding held at Forte da Cruz, in Estoril, a superb historic castle in Portugal with stunning sea views. Catherine and Kevin brought their family, their closest friends but also their traditions from the USA to Portugal for their international destination wedding. This was my first […]

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Carlota & Diogo, A Fairytale Wedding in Madeira Island

Being a photographer that usually works solo, this was surely one of the biggest challenges of my career as a wedding photographer…a wedding with over 300 guests and over 30 staff members in what was one of the biggest wedding ever held in Madeira Island. Another challenge was to pick […]

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Wedding photo with the bride and groom leaving under a shower of confetti next to the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Rocha, in Armação de Pera, in the Algarve, Portugal

Cristy & Thomas, Our Lady of the Rock in The Algarve

The Algarve is one of my favorite regions in Portugal to photograph weddings and when Cristy & Thomas, a dutch couple got in touch, I immediately jumped in. How could I say no! They decided to get married in an amazing location called Our Lady of the Rock, near Armação […]

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Laura & Connor, a destination wedding in Amares, Portugal

What an amazing wedding I had the opportunity to photograph last saturday in Amares, in the Braga district, in the north of Portugal. Ever dreamt of getting married in a castle or a monastery? This is the place! Nowdays it’s an hotel, called Pousada Mosteiro de Amares. Look it up. […]

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The French Connection in the Enchanting Tavira, Algarve

Amidst the sun-kissed landscapes and the gentle embrace of the Algarve sun, a truly enchanting celebration of love unfolded. I had the incredible honor of photographing the wedding of the radiant Charlene and her dashing Portuguese descendant groom, who had found their way back to the picturesque town of Tavira […]

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Photo of Wedding in the beach, Porto Santo Island, Portugal

Joana & Karl, the wedding in the portuguese golden island of Porto Santo

Porto Santo Island’s golden sandy beaches served as the perfect canvas for Joana and Karl’s dream wedding, a couple coming from the UK to get married in their favorite island. The gentle ocean waves provided a melodic backdrop as the couple exchanged vows involved in the natural beauty of the […]

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Sophia & John, the Madeira Wine Blandy’s Wedding

Madeira Island always had a big connection with British families almost since the time the Portuguese started settling on the island. One of those connections was established through Madeira Wine, which was turned into a premium wine by British families that took residence on the island. One of those families […]

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Wedding photo taken in Porto Santo Island

Deborah & Luis, after the wedding, a crazy photo session in the golden island, Porto Santo

I met Deborah and Luis a few years ago while I photographed one of Deborah’s cousin’s wedding in Porto Santo Island and I think we immediately connect. Later I also ended up photographing their wedding back in 2021, again in Porto Santo, which was really nice because that island is […]

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Evelina & Hugo, one of the few weddings from 2020

Evelina & Hugo are an international couple…he is Portuguese, she is Slovenian, they live in Norway and got married against all odds in 2020, in Madeira Island, despite Covid! Besides  elopements, it was one of the few weddings I photographed in 2020, at a time when Covid restrictions had been […]

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