Anna & João are a german-portuguese couple that met in Mexico and that I came to meet through a mutual friend. The amazing thing is we got along really easily since the first contact and it was an absolute honor to photograph their wedding. These are some photos we took a couple days prior to the wedding in Madeira’s own magical forest, Fanal. The pre wedding photo shoots are the best intro you can have to your wedding day as it provides the first contact with the photographer in work mode and also an experience of what it feels like being photographed and the center of attention. It also allows you to adjust your psychologic contract with your photographer, establishing some informal boundaries on how far we can go in search of the best photos. This was also my second time using the fabulous Nikon Z 50mm, 1.2, coupled with my trusty Nikon Z 24-70mm, 2.8. Try and guess which photos were taken with one or the other 😀

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