Destination Wedding Photographer in Madeira Island

Looking for a local wedding photographer in Madeira Island? Do you like warm, colorful, fun and emotional candid photos with a little artsy touch and the ocasional epic photo? You came to the right place. Madeira Island is undoubtedly one of the world’s top destinations for weddings, either because it has high-quality services either because of it’s diverse and staggering landscape but also because of the spring weather all year long.

Anna & João, the German-Portuguese couple that met in Mexico

A Anna e o João são um casal germano-português, vindos da Alemanha, que conheci através de um amigo em comum. Foi uma honra fotografar o casamento deles na Ilha da Madeira. Estas são algumas fotos que tiramos alguns dias antes do casamento na floresta mágica da Madeira, o Fanal. As […]

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Carlota & Diogo, A Fairytale Wedding in Madeira Island

Being a photographer that usually works solo, this was surely one of the biggest challenges of my career as a wedding photographer…a wedding with over 300 guests and over 30 staff members in what was one of the biggest wedding ever held in Madeira Island. Another challenge was to pick […]

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Sophia & John, the Madeira Wine Blandy’s Wedding

Madeira Island always had a big connection with British families almost since the time the Portuguese started settling on the island. One of those connections was established through Madeira Wine, which was turned into a premium wine by British families that took residence on the island. One of those families […]

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Evelina & Hugo, one of the few weddings from 2020

Evelina & Hugo are an international couple…he is Portuguese, she is Slovenian, they live in Norway and got married against all odds in 2020, in Madeira Island, despite Covid! Besides  elopements, it was one of the few weddings I photographed in 2020, at a time when Covid restrictions had been […]

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