In Portugal there is saying that goes “from Spain, neither good winds nor good marriages”. That is surely not true for this wedding, because Marta, my first Spanish bride, and Tiago, a Madeiran fit perfectly together.

In a talk with these 2 fabulous people, I discovered that it was fate that brought them together. The story of how they met seems to be the basis for the plot of a romantic comedy, as they came to discover that they exchanged a few words on a dating site that didn’t happen years before they met in the real world. What about that?!

This wedding was certainly one of the most genuine and lively I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. Bringing together Spanish and Portuguese. The proof is that there are a lot more photos to choose from … the problem was actually reducing the lot to a hundred and a half to show you.

ps. Tiago and Marta are the CEOs of a Portuguese fitness clothing design and production company called TrainMad , of which I am a fan and client. Be sure to visit their online store .