Amanda & Erick came from the state of Natal in Brazil to Madeira Island in Portugal, to exchange vows exactly 10 years after they met. Madeira was always in their mind since the start as the place to celebrate their love and not even the stormy weather we had this past weekend prevent them from having their special moment. According to Amanda once they saw my photos they felt I was the right photographer for them but the truth is they were also the right couple for me. It’s funny how my photos seem to attract the right type of clients. Like someone once said, “all my images are also self-portraits, even when I’m not in them” and I guess that is also true for me because I know for sure that clients know who I am before they meet me.

This is what they had to say after getting the photos:

“We remain completely passionate about your work. I believe that people come into our lives with a purpose and it was no coincidence that I found you in the middle of so much research. You were impeccable with us, from taking care of each place to not giving up photographing us in the place we dreamed. We will truly keep these moments (that you immortalized in photographs) in our hearts forever. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 🥹”

– Amanda