In 2018 I had the honor and pleasure to photograph the wedding of Marlene and Lino, a couple that is already part of my extended heart family. A marriage with everything, everyone and in every way, full, overflowing with feelings and emotion.

This wedding was fantastic in every way! Imagine that the godparents and the bride and groom themselves got to the chapel ridding their Vespas! We even got to photograph a fabulous parade of Vespas that took place after the wedding, with dozens of guests and other members of the Vespa Amigos Madeira Club heading to Ponta de São Lourenço on their italian scooters.

It was also at this wedding that I captured the famous “3 girls” photo, which was the winning photo of the year’s best photo award in the “Unexpected Moments” category at the MyWed Awards 2018. This is presently the largest wedding photography contest in the world, with more than  20.000 photos submitted. Incredible as it may seem, another photo from this wedding, in which I captured part of the parade of guests in their Vespas, entered the lote of the 10 best photos of the year in the “Family Photo” category.

I hope you enjoy the this selection of photos from their wedding. It’s really just a tiny sample of what happened! 😉

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  1. Beautiful Images, love your style

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