Nikki & Stephen, came from the New Jersey in the United States to have a beautiful 3-day destination Indian wedding at the luxurious Savoy Palace in Madeira Island, Portugal, from the welcoming party, to the Mendy, The Haldy, The Sangeet and the Wedding. The wedding was full of vibrant colors and intricate details that truly made it stand out from the typical trendy weddings we see today.

Each day brought different ceremonies and traditions, giving the wedding a rich cultural experience. From the colorful attire to the traditional rituals, every moment was filled with joy and celebration in an amazing Bollywood fashion.

As a photographer, it was a refreshing change to capture such vivid and natural moments. Instead of the washed-out, blurry photos that have become popular recently, I was able to focus on capturing the epic and vivid beauty of Nikki & Stephen’s special day.

Overall, this destination Indian wedding was a true feast for the eyes. The stunning backdrop of Madeira Island combined with the vibrant colors and traditions made for a photography experience like no other. Hopefully the first of many.