During a week spent in the Algarve for a wedding, I was also hired to do this photoshoot by Agyness & Etrey, a super cool and nice couple from Malaysia visiting Portugal. But I was far from knowing what a challenge it would be. First of all I had to wake up really early to start at 7am, which is something I only do when there is nothing else to be done :D. Second, the photos were supposed to be taken in praia da Marinha, but we ended up doing it in Vila Vita Park Hotel‘s gardens and private little beach, which ended up being super easy, given how great this hotel is. Third, Agyness got really sick a couple days prior, which is why we gave up Praia da Marinha and crossed fingers she would get better in a couple of days. Unfortunately, she wasn’t feeling much better and they had to cut their stay in Algarve and head back later in the afternoon to Lisbon on the day of the photo session. Despite Agyness being brave enough to go ahead with the photo session, we had to cut it short because she was visibly feeling sick. Yet, I think they still looked stunning!!! Here are the photos. Enjoy!