This was a year of amazing experiences that started back in March with a small photoshoot in Rome, weddings in Nice, Braga and The Algarve and last week a full day wedding photoshoot in Venice, the city in which every corner is a photo spot.

This bride’s dream was to have a photoshoot in Venice and I was the lucky chosen one. After Eze in Nice, back in June, another of my bucket list itens was to be paid to photograph in Venice. Checked ✔️

Not only for the beauty of this city, but mainly because of the challenge to photograph in a place crowded with tourists. Yes, I had to start at 7 am, at sunrise, but it was so worth!!! Having the chance to travel, do what you love and make other people happy in the meanwhile is truly an honor that I thank everyday, no matter what time I have to wake up 😀

Here are some photos from Venice, Italy, back in October, which was one of the highlights of the many travels I had the chance to make that year. Who will be next? Waiting for bookings for Venice or other destinations.