One of the moments you realize how far you have reached is when international brands ask you to be their ambassador. This is the case with Imagen.AI, an editing software based in artificial intelligence that learns from your editing and replicates it in in your next editing job.

I was delighted with their invitation and even better than being invited to be a brand ambassador is when you are a user of that brand and one that you come to rely on so much like Imagen.AI.

For those of you that don’t know it yet or that still use presets (those things that still need adjusting to every different light conditions during a wedding!), trust me, Imagen.AI is truly a life saver.

It does not get it right every time, but it does so in 90% of the photos. The 10% remaining are usually the photos in which you want to provide a more artistic or strong signature. In the vast majority of cases the photos look like they were edited by you.

It’s even weird how a machine can predict what you would do, but it is real! It’s happening.

If you want to try it, clique here.