Photo of couple taken in Abades, in the Island of Tenerife

Dani & Robert, a Photoshoot in Tenerife Island, Spain

During my last week’s break in Tenerife Island, I was given the opportunity to photograph two different couples in a real Spanish ghost town. These are some photos from the first couple, that curiosly was the first couple whose wedding I photographed in 2014, back in Madeira Island, using the […]

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Photo taken of a bridal party on their Vespa scooters on the curvy roads of Madeira Island

Marlene & Lino, the Vespa scooters Wedding in Madeira Island

In 2018 I had the honor and pleasure to photograph the wedding of Marlene and Lino, a couple that is already part of my extended heart family. A marriage with everything, everyone and in every way, full, overflowing with feelings and emotion, held in an amazing setting in Madeira Island, […]

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Bride in bridal gown looking at her wedding dress

Marta & Tiago, a Spanish-Portuguese wedding in Madeira island

In Portugal there is saying that goes “from Spain, neither good winds nor good marriages”. That is surely not true for this wedding, because Marta, my first Spanish bride, and Tiago, a Madeiran fit perfectly together. In a talk with these 2 fabulous people, I discovered that it was fate […]

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